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If you can imagine it... 

We provide a worry free environment. All you are responsible for at our home is your ability to smile and giving us your best effort in doing activities which promote your health and wellness. Our staff will be in charge of the support work that is needed to maintain or improve your quality of life.  

You will pay a room and board fee which will cover the cost of all the support work that we do. Including; 

  • housekeeping

  • laundry

  • meals and meal preparation

  • medication management

  • hygiene assistance

  • personal care assistance

  • wifi and basic cable

Speaking of quality of life, visits from family and old friends are welcome and encouraged. Making new friends is something that is encouraged as each day will have planned activities. Each of the residents will have a chance to do things which fits with their interests as well as their abilities. Reminiscing, puzzles, arm chair exercise and more.